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2 inches wide x 6 inches tall
6 inches wide x 6 inches tall
4 inches wide x 6 inches tall
ow you can order AUTHENTIC street letter tiles from the studio that makes them for the City of New Orleans. Simply email us at orders@neworleanstileco.com – or call us at 504 810 0009 – with your requirements and contact details, and we'll custom make your tiles for you. Each tile weighs approximately one pound, and our price per tile is $37 each. Orders normally take 3 to 4 weeks to be fulfilled, and we'll ship your tiles to you via UPS, or by any other method that you desire. Orders can be produced faster, but a rush fee will normally apply.

We are also able to produce tiles in other colors, fonts, styles or with custom imagery, so please enquire to see if we can meet your needs.
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